CRD Partners supports the entrepreneur who wishes to deal with independent professionals ineconomic-financial choices or in process re-engineering. After a first phase of assessment, CRD Partners will help the company in the acquisition and implementation of monitoring tools for managing performance, defining the main business indicators, analysing the balance sheet, profit and loss, performances and the ability to create value of the company.

Crisis Management and Company Renovation

CRD Partners supports its Clients in the management of the company crisis, from the phase of the identification of the crisis status to the conclusion of the relative turnaround.

Set-Up Administrative and Control Structure

CRD Partners supports the entrepreneur in the set-up of procedures and processes in order o be able to fulfill the needs related to Administrative, Financial, Control, Personnel and Planning. Defining the structure, the IT systems necessary for management, the roles in the organization necessary to support the business phase and the design and implementation of administrative and control processes.

Financial Economic Check-Up

The Professionals of CRD Partners with the entrepreneur who wants to become more aware of the real financial and economic company status, acquiring useful indicators and information on the real ability to generate value and the financial capabilities, both during the start-up phase, project and / or company life.

Business Plan

The company, with the support of CRD Partners, will be able to draft a Business Plan that will allow to achieve a clear vision of tomorrow status, knowing in advance the impact of strategic decisions in the  company’s financial and economic structure, to avoid for only the market will drag the company.

Business Process Reengineering

CRD Partners will work closely with the company in the review, optimization and innovation of administrative processes in order to achieve a greater degree of efficiency, is able to follow as an independent partner the selection of the information system that will represent the most effective company organization.

Company Director

The Professionals of CRD Partners, as Independent Members can assume the position of Board Members of the Company.

Temporary Management

CRD Partners Professionals are able to support the entrepreneur in the management of the company by guaranteeing the temporary presence of Managers with many years of experience in the Administration, Finance and Control area, in process engineering and in the management of ah-hoc projects. In order to guarantee continuity of the organization, increasing its existing managerial skills, guiding the phases of change.